The Best Vitamin Packs for Busy Lives

Managing nutrition in our busy lives isn’t always easy. Our eating habits are often dictated by our jobs, our kids’ schedules, and pure convenience. As a result, many Americans have gaps in their nutritional profile. Supplementing with vitamin packs may be able to help fill those gaps and make up for less-than-ideal diets. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, boost energy, improve stamina, or enhance memory, we’ve got you covered with a specially formulated vitamin pack.

Vitamin Supplement Packs for Your Personal Goals

Since vitamin packs offer a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and even herbs, they’ve become quite specialized. Looking to get your skin ready for summer? Check out our skin formula – within the Skin Formula are all the nutrients required to maintain healthy, vibrant skin on a daily basis. Need something to get your brain and body firing on all cylinders? Our Oil Pack has the amazing Essential Fatty Acids that are vital to many metabolic processes in the body and structural components of brain, skin tissue and cell membranes. Or looking for something to soothe your aching joints? Within the Joint Pack are all the water-soluble nutrients, which the body does not store and must have in order to build and repair soft tissue, connective tissue, collagen and the joints,

And then of course there is the Morning Pack and Lunch Packs to make sure you get all your daily nutritional needs met for optimum health and well-being. And the excellent G.I. Pack that will make sure your all-important gut is in the best health possible.

All of our vitamin packs are gluten, artificial color and flavor, soy and wheat free, too!

Do You Really Need a Vitamin Pack?

Most experts agree that meeting your nutritional needs through your diet is ideal. But that can be unrealistic for many people, especially when life always seems to get in the way. Vitamin packs may be able to make up for some diet deficiencies, filling in the gap when eating well isn’t possible. And they make it so easy to remember to take your vitamins for the day because you just grab a pack in the morning and take them with you.

They may also be useful for people who are hardcore athletes whose extreme exercises mean their bodies need a little bit more than the average person.

All in all, vitamin packs are a great way to make sure you get what you need every day.

Our Specialty Vitamin Packs


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GI Track Maintenance: Low fiber diets, high sugar intake, refined carbohydrates, fats, antibiotics and alcohol all destroy the body's friendly bacteria. Instead they feed the unfriendly bacteria, resulting in candida, yeast infections, mood swings, night sweats and mucous (the list is endless). With in the GI PACK are all the nutrients needed for optimum Gastrointestinal Health. Included are a professional grade probiotic formula that contains both lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacteria and their numerous species that colonize both the upper and lower bowel. Colostrum which contains growth factors found in mother's milk that stimulate growth and repair nucleic materials such as DNA and RNA. It builds not only the immune system but also every organ, gland and tissue in the body that helps support natural defenses. Butyrate (butyric acid, calcium, magnesium butyrate’s) helps the body produce short-chain fatty acids; heals gastro-mucous (lining of the stomach, small and large intestines); repairs damage from bacteria (candida); and fungal infections as well as boosting the immune system. Arabinogalactan extracted from the larch tree, are densely branched, high molecular weight, water-soluble polysaccharides that support healthy immune function and also promote the growth of the probiotic bacteria Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.
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