How to Take Supplements

Richard Helfrich Health and Nutrition Expert

How To Take Supplements By Richard Helfrich You now understand the concept that supplements, when taken correctly, are the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc., that insures the body meets its nutritional needs without having to depend on food that may or may not have the needed nutrients. Taking supplements in the concentrated, measured doses does […]

Is PMS Suffering You?

Young woman at home suffering from abdominal pain

HOW DOES VITEX WORK FOR PMS? By Richard Helfrich Vitex is a supreme hormonal tonic for women. Both extensive clinical studies, as well as over two thousand years of use in folk medicine, have proven the effectiveness of this remedy. It works by stimulating and normalizing the hypothalamic/pituitary glands, which regulates the balance of estrogen […]

"A truly amazing book that covers it all."

The 24 Hour Body
by Richard Helfrich

The 24 Hour Body is an owner’s manual to the body. This book answers the important question: What are the daily nutrient needs of the body?