28 years ago, dealing with my own health issues, I realized I needed nutrition supplements that I could trust. Meaning I had to find the best source, along with the quality and therapeutic dosage I needed. This voyage of discovery led to the most amazing bio-chemists, herbalists and researchers coming into my life to help me expand my knowledge and awareness of health and nutrition along with the nutrient needs of the body. After years of perfecting my supplement formulations, and offering my products and specially formulated protocols to an exclusive list of clientele, I am now making these carefully formulated vitamin and herb solutions available to you online. Richard Helfrich Vitamin and Nutrition Supplements for Health and Healing

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The 24 Hour Body
By Richard Helfrich

The 24 Hour Body is an owner’s manual to the body. This book answers the important question: What are the daily nutrient needs of the body and how do you supply those needs?

This book gives you a daily nutrient routine to follow that not only incorporates daily needs, but it explains how food and nutritional supplements need to be taken in order to realize their maximum benefit. This book also provides a comprehensive guide of additional nutrients and their contribution to the treatment and relief of specific health conditions.

Some of What You Will Learn in The 24 Hour Body:
Body Chemistry and Digestion — Feeding the Body — How to Take Charge of Your Health. You’re going to love this book because it’s power-packed with amazing information!

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“I’ve Been a Disciple Ever Since.”

“I met Richard in the early 1980s when I was beginning the television series Dallas. Health was Richard’s passion and he was such an inspiration. I have been a disciple ever since. His approach to keeping the body healthy and slowing the aging process is revolutionary, and it has definitely worked for me.” — Linda Gray, Actress

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“His Guidance and Knowledge Have Been Invaluable.”

“Having known and worked with Richard for almost twenty years, his guidance and knowledge in maintaining the quality of my health has been invaluable. This has extended to other members of my family with results that have always been nothing short of amazing.” — Chris Cortazzo, Malibu Real Estate

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So Many People’s Lives Changed for the Better!

“Richard is in a league of his own when it comes to health and wellness and helping others who are dealing with the most serious health issues. His love for humanity shows in his willingness to always go the extra mile to make sure his clients are getting the absolute best information, care and nutrients they need to get them on the healing path quickly. Richard has one of the biggest hearts on the planet and it is an honor to know him.” — Paul Thomas, Health and Fitness Coach