The Best Herbal Tinctures for All Kinds of Health Situations

Herbal tinctures are a good way to receive benefits of plants. Tinctures are simple to create, serving purposes of healing and prevention. If you are not the best cook and or do not like the way certain herbs taste but do not mind a little liquor, all is not lost.

If you want to continue the new year celebration with some spirits in a healthy way every day for the next 365 days consider herbal tinctures. This blog piece shares the advantages of using them.

Tinctures: An Easier Alternative

Herbal tinctures are an easy option to consider when it comes to consuming herbs (culinary and medicinal). Herbal teas are steeped in hot water with each cup consumed while tinctures soaked in alcohol (vodka, rum or a grain alcohol), created one time to last for months and can be added to teas and coffees. It is best to make them with fresh herb leaves directly from a garden when the oils are extracted for high potency which results in receiving the most medicine.

Tinctures can be made with any healing herb such as mint, chamomile or valerian root, so creating a medicinal herb garden to create a variety of options is something to consider. Herbal tinctures are an alternative way to consumer herbs.


Tinctures are considered home remedies and powerful alternative forms of medicine. They help adults and youth alike with various ailments such as the common cold, inflammation, infections and digestion issues. Here are some benefits to taking herbal tinctures:

Fight infections/kills microorganisms
Alleviate congestion
Take on the go
Accents beverages
Prevents illness
Has a long shelf life.

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