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YOUNG: INSIDE & OUT (Paperback)

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Aging is a euphemism for everything that can go wrong in the body. Loss of cellular function through mutations that occur on a daily basis is one of the biggest contributors to aging, senescence. The science involved in repairing the cells in their current cell life and slowing down and reversing aging is explained in a user friendlier way. This book offers practical explanations and solutions to addressing the senescent process taking place in your body. Also explained are the operating systems that play vital roles in metabolic aspects of aging-specifically, the endocrine system, which regulates hormones, the chemical language the body communicates in. Richard's twenty five years of studying how the body works, how it defends itself, how nutrients are absorbed into the body-all discussed in his previous three books-come together to take on the biggest challenge, reversing senescence. If it takes seven years for the body to replace its on hundred trillion cells, then theoretically no one on the planet is older than seven. It is the ability to produce healthy original cells instead of mutated copies that is the secret to stopping and reversing the aging process.
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