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THE 24 HOUR BODY (Paperback)

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70% of what it takes for the body to function properly has to come from what we feed it each day. This book answers the important questions: What are the daily nutrients needs of the body? It gives you a daily routine to follow that not only incorporates daily needs, but it explains how food and supplements need to be taken in order to realize their benefit. This book also provides a comprehensive guide of additional nutrients and their contribution to the treatment and relief of specific health conditions. This book, Richard Helfrich’s third one, follows Take Control of Your Health, an owner’s manual to the body’s functions, and Immune Response, a guide to building and maintaining a functioning immune system. The 24 Hour Body offers the information necessary to know what nutrients you need to feed your body, also when and how you need to take them, and why you need them. For those with an enthusiasm for their body’s potential this book provides the information to determine your unique needs.
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