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This pioneering book offers a revolutionary new approach to health and to life-threatening diseases. Fifteen years ago Richard Helfrich was diagnosed with a weakening of the heart muscles, and was told that he would be taking medication for the rest of his life. His decision to disregard the opinion of experts resulted in a voyage of self-discovery, a radical change of lifestyle and a health program that has now succeeded in helping thousands of people. Take Control of Your Health is an owner’s manual to the body. In it, the author lays out the precepts that will not only allow you to take control of your body, but more importantly will help you to understand its functions and its remarkable capacity to be programmed or reprogrammed for health. By achieving an understanding of the body’s functions, the individual is able to anticipate his or her own unique requirements. A chapter on HIV brings the author’s method into sharpest focus. The book offers an illuminating guide to the foods we eat, providing a comprehensive analysis of chemicals and how they react in the body. Richard Helfrich’s compelling and highly accessible guide is certain to become a classic among health manuals.
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