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Almost 70 million Americans are estimated to have dysfunctional immune systems.

The greater the offensive we can mount by using nature’s powerful antioxidants and antivirals, the greater the body will be at preserving the most important aspect of all, immune response. This advance new book gives the tools to conquer chronic, acute and even life threatening conditions.

Everyday our DNA is bombarded by chemical pollution, radiation, viruses and bacteria. All of these factors take a tremendous tool on the immune system. Using up vital immune resources to fight these external battles, limits the body’s ability to fight the internal battles of disease defense and, most importantly, the repair and rebuilding of the body. Immune Response gives you an understanding of how the immune defense system works.

The author also gives a guide to track and monitor your immune recovery and the nutrient requirements necessary to build your immune arsenal. The author’s goal is to give the reader the knowledge and confidence to win the battle against any disease with Immune Response.

Richard Helfrich’s latest work follows his highly successful first book, Take Control of Your Health, an owner’s manual to the body. It also represents his seventeen years of research and practice in the field of complimentary medicine.

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