With in the Skin Formula are all the nutrients required to maintain healthy, vibrant skin on a daily basis. Skin Formula: With in the Skin Formula are all the water-soluble nutrients, which the body does not store, and are required to maintain healthy, vibrant skin. Included are the following: B-complex with coenzymes and 1000mg of vitamin C. B-vitamins play a broad spectrum of metabolic and immune enhancing roles. Vitamin C is responsible for many reactions in the body, specifically acting as the glue in the formation of collagen.

Lysine, the building block of collagen and, with the amino acid proline, makes up to a third of the body’s connective tissue (ligaments, tendons) of which is eighty percent collagen. The skin is forty percent collagen. L-CARNOSINE, THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH AMINO ACID has the ability to take senescent (aging) cells and return them to their juvenile phenotypes.

This is truly the fountain of youth. Carnosine has demonstrated in cell cultures the ability to rejuvenate old and damaged cells. R-LIPOIC ACID is one of the most thoroughly researched and highly regarded antioxidants, which adds in reducing free radical damage in the skin. Varicosin is added to support skin elasticity. Oxy-caps is added as an oxygen catalyst.


"A truly amazing book that covers it all."

The 24 Hour Body
by Richard Helfrich

The 24 Hour Body is an owner’s manual to the body. This book answers the important question: What are the daily nutrient needs of the body?